October 03, 2019

Big News in RevOps: InsightSquared Acquires Olono

As founder and chief product officer at Olono I’m thrilled to announce Olono has been acquired...

September 24, 2019

You have your sales forecast. Now what?

Ask any sales leader what their forecast is, and where they are relative to that number and they...

September 23, 2019

Sales Enablement Society Conference: Spotlight Mayme Blanton, Rackspace

Are you registered for the Sales Enablement Society Annual Conference next month?

August 15, 2019

The Olono Difference: Activity Coaching, not just Tracking

Activity drives Outcomes. If your reps aren’t engaging prospects, you aren’t likely to close...

July 29, 2019

You don't need another sales tool but...

Let’s be honest. You don’t “NEED” another sales tech tool. But you should “WANT” one that will...

July 16, 2019

Your reps are working the wrong deals. Let us prove it.

What if you knew that 40% of your reps’ activity was being put towards deals with a <5% chance...

July 09, 2019

4 Tips to Improve Struggling Account Plans

Let’s face it, you can have the best account plan in the world, but it doesn’t work if your reps...

June 28, 2019

Olono named G2 High Performer in AI Sales Assistant category for 3rd quarter in a row

Boom! For the third quarter in a row, Olono has been awared G2 Crowd’s “High Performer” ranking...

June 12, 2019

Doubling Down on Data: Salesforce + Tableau

The buying spree continues with another huge acquisition in the CRM space—this time it's ...

June 10, 2019

Olono Mobile is Now the Easiest Way to Update Your CRM on the Go

It’s here! Whether you are leaving a lunch with a prospect or flying out for a QBR, Olono’s new...

May 22, 2019

Enough! Stop comparing Olono to Clari. Though we think they’re pretty cool too.

The SalesTech space is incredibly crowded. No one is going to argue that one. So it’s only...

May 02, 2019

Eliminate the Blindspots Lurking in Your Pipeline

What if we told you that key deal you have in Commit, has not interacted with your rep in 30+...

April 25, 2019

Improve Sales Process Adoption with Next Best Actions

Your sales process works. Don't you wish your reps followed it? Bite-size, situational...

April 23, 2019

4 Must Haves in an AI Sales Assistant

Earlier this month G2 Crowd released their Spring 2019 Grids showcasing the top AI Sales...

April 05, 2019

Key Takeaways from the UT Dallas Sales Leadership Summit

Yesterday one of our sales reps, Julienne (Jules) Colon, attended the UT Dallas Sales Leadership...

April 01, 2019

Olono once again named G2 High Performer in AI Sales Assistant category

March 19, 2019

Q&A with Rick Froehlich, Chief Sales Officer, Rackspace

Rackspace, a leader in managed cloud services, is committed to helping customers realize the...

March 18, 2019

Olono Brings Real-Time Guided Selling to Oracle Engagement Cloud Customers

Visit Olono this week at Oracle Modern Customer Experience to see demos and learn about the new...

March 11, 2019

Analyst: Olono helps close the performance gap in high-value sales environments

In B2B sales environments, there's a significant gap between top performers and the rest of...

March 07, 2019

Salesforce at 20: Everyone is celebrating except reps

Salesforce is celebrating its 20th birthday this week. And while a lot has changed over the...

January 24, 2019

4 Tips to Sustain Your Sales Kickoff Momentum

You’re going on a road trip. Do you A, review the maps step-by-step weeks in advance or B, turn...

January 11, 2019

The Ugly Truth of CRM Implementation

October 29, 2018

Next Best Actions for B2B Sales: Frequently Asked Questions


October 02, 2018

Olono: The Intelligent Sales Assistant for Account Executives


September 11, 2018

Four Proven Strategies to Improve Pipeline Management


August 23, 2018

Gartner Magic Quadrant Identifies Salesforce CRM “Cautions”


August 08, 2018

7 Dirty Secrets Why Reps Miss Quota

According to CSO Insights’ 2018 World-Class Sales Practices Study, only 53% of sales reps are...

August 01, 2018

Supercharge Your Analytics with Next Best Actions

Data drives Insights. Insights drive Decisions. Decisions create Actions. Actions produce...

July 12, 2018

Miller Heiman's Scout: Yes, Sales Reps Need a Sidekick

Every sales rep needs a sidekick. We’ve been shouting it from the day we started Olono. It’s one...

April 20, 2018

Want to Solve CRM Adoption? Stop Counting Log-ins.

Unlike in the movie Field of Dreams, when it comes to CRM, year after year, users have proven,...

April 20, 2018

If Data is Not in Your CRM, Does It Exist?

This guest post by Olono CEO Larry Warnock was originally published in Smart Selling Tools.

March 01, 2018

Enough with Records. It’s Time to Acknowledge the Sales Signals.

Digital exhaust has taken over the B2B buyer’s journey. Email. Dialers. Demos. Webinars....

February 20, 2018

Real Problems. Real Discussion. Real Solutions. Thoughts from the Frost & Sullivan Sales Executive MindXchange.

When you head to a conference for the first time, there’s typically a lot of hype. The question...

February 02, 2018

Put an End to Sales’ “Weekly” Groundhog’s Day: Pipeline Review

For Puxatawny Phil, Groundhog’s Day comes once a year. But for sales reps, that dreaded day is a...

January 03, 2018

2018: The Year Automation Finally Benefits Field Sales

It’s a new year, and with that the annual ritual where tech companies proclaim their predictions...

December 21, 2017

2/3 of Sales Pros Would Feel Relieved or No Impact Without Their CRM

Dreamforce 2017 is in the rear-view mirror, but the learnings continue. Throughout the week -...

December 11, 2017

Nucleus Research: Olono Brings AI to Sales Force Automation


Nucleus Research provides the ROI, insight, benchmarks and facts that help organizations...

November 20, 2017

Spot on: Dreamforce takeaways and what they mean for sales pros


October 30, 2017

Sales Enablement: Not Just a Great Conference, a Powerful Trend

 Larry here. CEO of Olono. I just returned from the Sales Enablement Society Conference in...

October 30, 2017

5 Things We're Looking Forward to at Dreamforce

The countdown is on. In just one week, Olono is headed to our first Dreamforce to introduce our...

October 27, 2017

Time to Connect the Sales Stack, Every Tool, Every Datapoint

Oh yay. Another sales stack app. That makes number 451? Or 751? Most of us have lost count. ...

October 16, 2017

Why Every Sales Rep Deserves a “Buyer’s Journey GPS”

Let’s face it, few of us get in the driver’s seat of our car and start our route anymore without...