Sales Enablement Society Conference: Spotlight Mayme Blanton, Rackspace

Sales Enablement Society Conference: Spotlight Mayme Blanton, Rackspace

Are you registered for the Sales Enablement Society Annual Conference next month?

If not, what are you waiting for? This year’s theme is “Driving the Future of Sales Enablement: Re-Imagining How People, Experience and Technology Drive Growth in the Digital Economy” and conference organizers knocked it out of the park with the lineup including speakers from Forrester, Dell, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, HP, The University of Texas at Dallas and many, many more. 

While Sales Enablement is still a relatively new function, it continues to grow steadily both in terms of numbers of practitioners as well as business impact. In fact, CSO Insights recently released their 5th Annual Sales Enablement Study showing organizations with a formal sales enablement function see 15% higher win rates for forecast deals as well as a “remarkable impact on revenue plan and quota attainment.” 

Piqued your interest yet? 

Today, as we look ahead to the conference we are shining as spotlight on Rackspace’s Mayme Blanton and her session, “A Fanatical Approach to Sales Enablement: Visibility, Predictability and Agility.” Here’s a preview of what you can expect during this session on Thursday, October 13.

We all know the holy grail of sales is predictable and consistent execution. But in this quest for steady and repeatable, many organizations are putting too much focus on process, playbooks and strategy and not enough on agility.

That was the challenge Rackspace was facing. Over the past year, as part of Rackspace’s America’s Transformation, the sales enablement team has equipped both sales reps and managers with real-time activity data and coaching, making it easier to adapt to changing buyer needs with speed. They’ve established guardrails, removed blind spots, and have created an operating cadence that ensures accountability. The result is an increase in deal capacity; reduced time to close; improved pipeline quality; and a massive improvement in activity visibility.

In this session, Mayme will discuss her experience and provide tips to help Sales Enablement leaders create an agile and truly data-driven sales organization. This transformation not only up-levels your own positions from a support function to a strategic component of Sales Ops but will also play a critical role in improving overall sales performance and execution. 

We’re just weeks away. Check out the full agenda and register for the Sales Enablement Society Conference today: And to help prepare you for the big event, here’s an overview of our experience at the 2017 Sales Enablement Society Conference in this post, “Sales Enablement: Not Just a Great Conference, a Powerful Trend.”