Doubling Down on Data: Salesforce + Tableau

Doubling Down on Data: Salesforce + Tableau

The buying spree continues with another huge acquisition in the CRM space—this time it's Salesforce acquiring Tableau for more than $15 billion. This is Salesforce’s largest acquisition to date and comes on the heels of Google’s recent multi-billion dollar acquisition of Looker.

It’s not difficult to understand why these companies are in high demand. One word: DATA.

Big data.

It’s a powerful combination. Tableau delivers data visualization dashboards that help people see and understand data. Salesforce offers a repository that helps sales and service professionals track their customers.

But there remains a gap. A very big gap.

Where are the tools that actually help reps sell better?

As Bryon Matthews, chief executive of Miller Heiman Group shared in The New York Times, “While Salesforce software is considered essential for sales managers to track their teams, many sales representatives aren’t keen on using it unless it helps them actually close deals, he said.”

That’s where Olono comes in. Tableau is insights. Olono is Actions. We take all the data from all the tools reps already use, and pair that data with machine learning, triggers and your playbook to deliver Next Best Actions that positively change outcomes. When you couple intelligent Actions with your chosen sales methodology or “process discipline” you get GUIDED SELLING.

Reps love Olono because it helps them do their job more efficiently and effectively. A job that revolves around selling, NOT data entry.

Analytics tools like Tableau tell you what has happened and can even run models showing what is likely to happen in the future—all great insight for data analysts. But if you want to improve rep productivity, quota attainment and top line — what you really need is consistent intelligent coaching, or as we like to call it “Actions”.

Actions direct reps in real-time to the most effective path to close. They understand all the data and what steps have occurred (or those that were missed) and have the ability to redirect reps on-the-fly when variables change. This strategy is very similar to the way Waze™ (an app we can no longer live without) encounters traffic and reroutes you so you can make your meeting on time.

We congratulate Tableau on the acquisition and believe it was a good move on Salesforce’s part. But let’s not ignore the reality that there’s still a gap. Insights, without Action are interesting—but they are not behavior changing—which is what every sales organization is ultimately looking for.  

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