Gartner Magic Quadrant Identifies Salesforce CRM “Cautions”

Gartner Magic Quadrant Identifies Salesforce CRM “Cautions”


For the 12th straight year Salesforce is positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s July 2018 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. It’s an impressive feat in a market that grew 15.7% to $6.2 billion in 2017.

As most Magic Quadrant aficionados know, the upper right positioning recognizes completeness of vision and ability to execute. With four million users, Salesforce, followed closely by Microsoft and Oracle, is clearly dominating the SFA market.

However, Gartner also pointed out a few areas of “Caution", that Salesforce customers should look to address, including:  

  • Low user adoption
  • Poor ease of use
  • Lack of Activity management
  • Lack of sales content management
  • Limited pipeline inspection functions

It’s fair. Salesforce features are broad, but like any solution, they have their limitations. Part of this is because from day one, Salesforce Sales Cloud was built as a contact repository and reporting layer for management. The good news is adapting your CRM instance and eliminating these challenges doesn’t have to be difficult—or expensive. In fact, it’s the primary reason we built Olono—the fastest and more effective way to turn your CRM into a proactive, intelligent tool that works for you.

We often talk about Olono being a GPS for Sales. It knows every move you’ve already made and guides reps from Opportunity to Close. So even when you come face-to-face with a “Caution Zone”, like those Gartner highlighted, Olono knows the best way around. Or in many cases, the steps to take in advance to avoid the disruption.

Need more? Here’s a quick look at how Olono addresses each of the Caution areas identified by Gartner.

  • User adoption—Olono was built with reps in mind. It’s a tool reps actually want to use because it delivers immediate benefits. It not only automates data entry, but by proactively providing recommended next steps, it drives adoption of every tool in a company’s sales stack. We guarantee, within a week of using Olono, your Salesforce instance will be more accurate and complete than ever before.
  • Ease of use—We won’t repeat the points above, but plain and simple, reps enjoy using Olono because it’s built like today’s modern apps. Like Waze, Spotify, Amazon, you name it. Customized for each individual rep, Olono knows what you’ve already done and what you like to do, so it serves up suggestions based on personal preferences and based on what really works. Not guesses, machine learning-driven suggestions that are proven to help deals close faster—while also massively reducing the burden of data entry for reps.
  • Activity management—Finally, know every activity reps have taken, and just as important what steps were missed. Then guide reps on the right path, helping them touch more deals, more often, in less time. Reps get real-time coaching, while sales managers get out of the friction-filled, redundant task of tracking down what your reps have and haven’t done. Then of course watch as you massively improve both late stage and early funnel movement.
  • Sales content management—Most reps don’t use your sales content. Not because they don’t want to, rather because they don’t know when, or how to find it, or who else at the company may have already shared it. With Olono, simply create an Action and serve up the perfect content to reps in the right moment, with direct links and pre-written emails. Finally, you’ll get true ROI from those marketing resources your team invested in.
  • Pipeline inspection functions—Your forecast is only as good as the data, however in most cases, forecasts are based on incomplete and out-of-date CRM data. Finally you’ll be able to do complete pipeline inspections, knowing what’s real, not just what your reps have input into your CRM. Then dive deeper by slicing and dicing the data in real time based on any parameter. See what’s working and what’s not. Immediately know which deals are in trouble (and why), and what to do to course correct before you miss your commit. .

Salesforce is powerful, but it’s still missing some important capabilities that can impact the top line. Olono is an easy add-on that delivers the automation and intelligence your reps need to close more deals, in fewer steps. Proactive actions, smart enterprise-wide search, real time pipeline visibility, starting at just $10/month/rep. Check it out today:


"Adapting your CRM instance and eliminating these challenges doesn’t have to be difficult—or expensive."