The Olono Difference: Activity Coaching, not just Tracking

The Olono Difference: Activity Coaching, not just Tracking

Activity drives Outcomes. If your reps aren’t engaging prospects, you aren’t likely to close deals. This concept isn’t new—with it came a wave of sales automation tools—however at Olono we take a different approach when it comes to Activity. 

While many tools focus on driving MORE activity across MORE accounts, we believe the better return is HIGHER-QUALITY activity across the RIGHT accounts. Let’s look at this recent real-world customer scenario: 

rep performance chart activyt

After comparing top performers to lower performers, Olono’s application concluded:

  • Top performers were putting in 3x more activity during the first 10 days of the deal than low performers. 
  • At the same time, low performers were extending their activity well past the ideal deal length - showing they didn’t know when to give up

If you simply looked at Activity count, these two categories of reps would appear similar. However their outcomes were very different.

While most tools “track” sales data and activity, offering reports and post-mortem dashboards to rehash, Olono is one of the few sales tools focused on improving Activity—in real-time—to impact deals this quarter. 

This is done by correlating actual rep activity and prospect engagement with outcomes. (It’s not enough to just know what your reps did, you need to understand if and how the prospect responded.)

Olono identifies blindspots and then coaches both reps and first line managers to improve how they are working deals in real-time. It understands engagement (which deals reps are working and how they are engaging—frequency, type, response), then correlates that data with historical wins and losses to understand the time and resources currently being deployed and how likely this effort will lead to positive outcomes. Olono then pattern matches, applying key parameters to current pipeline and projections to see where the gaps lie.

Olono's Sales Coaching Insights improve outcomes by understanding:

  • Which accounts are at risk due to low engagement (futile effort)
  • Which accounts have false activity patterns and are not exuding key behaviors, despite high engagement (happy ears)
  • Which accounts your reps aren't spending enough time on (under-invested, missed opportunities)

Quality over quantity. When our customers redirect Sales Activity and Engagement into the right accounts, the result is:

  • Increased deal capacity
  • Reduction in average time to close
  • Improvement in pipeline quality
  • Improvement in win rates and bookings

Let us prove it to you. Ask us about our Sales Coaching Insights pilot, where we’ll analyze your pipeline health and gut-check your forecast.