Olono Mobile is Now the Easiest Way to Update Your CRM on the Go

Olono Mobile is Now the Easiest Way to Update Your CRM on the Go

It’s here! Whether you are leaving a lunch with a prospect or flying out for a QBR, Olono’s new and improved mobile app makes it easier than ever to stay on top of all your deals.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can use Olono Mobile:   

  • Act: View your Action Feed with all outstanding Actions, then take Action directly in Olono - such as sending a follow up email; one click dialing contacts; update deal stage; and more. Plus Instant Actions, one of your favorite Olono features, is now available on mobile. Simply click the [...] and take Action without having to go into your CRM.
  • Search: Easily search across all content related to your Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts and Actions; Click the link and be taken directly to the content wherever it lives, from LinkedIn to Google Drive to Slack, and more.
  • Update: Seamlessly log calls, emails, meetings, and notes to CRM.
  • Voice: Dictate notes and update other CRM fields using the iOS native voice functionality.
  • Know: View your entire deal history, including key account details and all the Sales Activities that have occurred in the past.

At Olono, we believe in empowering reps to work wherever they already are. So we give you options—access Olono from inside your CRM, from our standalone desktop app, or directly from your mobile device. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a modern user-friendly experience designed to help you—sales reps—be more efficient and effective. It’s all about making it easier to engage in more frequent, high-quality interactions, and ultimately close more deals.

Olono Mobile is free for current license holders. What are you waiting for? Visit the iOS AppStore to Download Olono Mobile today.