Enough! Stop comparing Olono to Clari. Though we think they’re pretty cool too.

Enough! Stop comparing Olono to Clari. Though we think they’re pretty cool too.

The SalesTech space is incredibly crowded. No one is going to argue that one. So it’s only natural that buyers and pundits want to compare tool vendors to one another. Here at Olono, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is, “Are you like Clari?” To which we resoundingly answer, “No!”

Clari vs Olono - Synergies

We get it. Both Olono and Clari have slick UIs that offer powerful automation while reducing the data entry burden on reps. Immediately sales pros are offered a better experience than what they’ve been stuck with using Salesforce for decades.

Both tools also focus on the Opportunity to Close phase—the mid-funnel that has been neglected for too long while companies have instead just tried to add more and more leads to the top of the funnel.

And finally, both Olono and Clari are used by seasoned sales professionals that manage complex deals (AEs/AMs) as opposed to the majority of sales tools that were created for cadence roles like SDRs and BDRs.   

But when you get beyond those similarities, Olono and Clari are very, very different. Extremely different. They provide different features and solve different business challenges. And that is why we believe there is great synergy for our common customers.

Clari vs Olono - Differences

Clari: Ideal for “managing up”

  • Primary focus is forecast accuracy (something it is extremely good at!).
  • Regarded as a manager-centric tool (with reps benefiting by reducing manual reporting and as one rep put it, “keeping my manager off my back.”).
  • Activity automation improves pipeline visibility via a 50,000 ft view.
  • Outcomes: Removes end of quarter surprises; Reduces reporting burden  

Olono: Ideal for “managing down”

  • Primary focus is guided selling (coaching reps in the moment).
  • Regarded as a rep-centric tool (with sales leaders and managers the beneficiary).
  • Activity automation improves pipeline visibility with very detailed activity views.  
  • Impact: Improves pipeline velocity and win rates; Reduces ramp time; Improves sales process adoption

Clari vs Olono - User Perspective

“Clari is critical to calling our number, aggregating rep predictions, trends and removing rep bias to determine likelihood a deal will close...while Olono is our day-to-day, hour-by-hour, tactical execution tool. It coaches our reps on what to do when, to ultimately improve the deal outcome. They have both become essential tools in our sales stack.” - Sales Leader

“Clari has made it so much easier to update my forecast and ensure alignment with my regional sales leader. But it doesn’t help me sell better. That’s where Olono comes in. It helps me stay on top of every deal with alerts and constant, personalized coaching.”  - Sales Rep

Forecasting tools are powerful and Clari is one of the best. They help predict the number your team will hit, so that’s step one. But after you have insight into the top line how do you improve it? When your forecast tool suggests a deal score—whether 65, 79 or 82—your rep needs to understand every action they should take to take that number, and your quarterly results—up a notch. That’s where Olono comes in. We work collaboratively with your Clari guidance, along with many other data points, to provide actionable insight, guiding reps on the fastest path to close.

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