You don't need another sales tool but...

You don't need another sales tool but...

Let’s be honest. You don’t “NEED” another sales tech tool. But you should “WANT” one that will actually improve effective adoption of all your existing tools.

Let’s back up. If you’re like most organizations, you have a dozen sales tools you’ve invested in and have instructed reps to use. Productivity apps like email, conferencing and messaging. Your CRM, content repository, forecasting, LMS, account planning. You name it. And the reality is each of those likely has less than 30 percent adoption. 

Why? Because there’s too much. Too much content, too many disconnected tools and too much siloed data.

Reps need real-time guidance on how to use these tools effectively and managers need real-time insight into sales activity and risks so they know when and where to coach. 

On a daily basis, reps are moving fast. They don’t recognize:

  • The exact piece of content they should send to a particular prospect at a specific stage—how to position it and where to find it. Despite the fact that it’s in the content library.

  • The deals where they need help with Champion development, and where to find supporting resources to get that coaching. Despite the fact that they were trained on this at SKO.

  • The exact time to engage a Solution Engineer or collaborate with a subject matter expert. Despite the fact that there’s a Slack channel dedicated to alignment.

  • That it’s time for a deal review with their manager because there are underlying issues they have missed. Despite that fact that they have weekly 1:1s.

  • That they forecasted the deal and yet your company isn’t an approved vendor in their ERP system, so it’s at risk. Despite the fact that you have a robust forecasting tool in place.

  • That they aren’t engaging with the right people. Despite the fact that there’s an Account Planning platform.

  • That they are wasting time chasing a deal outside of your sweet spot. Despite that fact that you have deep analytics and research on your ideal customer profile. 

We can all agree, there’s an abundance of tools. They each have a specific use. And each understands a small—siloed—portion of the prospect. But they don’t connect to each other, they don’t view their role in context of all the other activities reps are taking outside of their function, and perhaps most importantly, they don’t serve up relevant, digestible guidance to the rep. Without Actionable Insights, these are just tools. They don’t improve outcomes. 

This is a huge blind spot, and one that Olono addresses.

Olono connects the dots. It acts as the fabric (some call it “orchestration”) that not only provides a single cohesive view of the deal, but more importantly provides prescriptive coaching—that prompts reps to effectively utilize all the other tools you’ve already invested in. Guidance that is based on best practices, your sales process and what has worked for similar deals in the past. 

With Olono, we drive adoption of your existing investments by providing reps direct guidance such as:

  • It’s time to send the Best Practices white paper to prospect Acme. Here’s a link to the piece of content in your content library and a template email. 

  • Your Champion isn’t behaving like a typical Champion as they have not attended a meeting and are slow to reply. In deals like this, our win rate goes up 52% when we have a true Champion. Here’s a link to a refresher video on developing a Champion. 

  • Your deal is moving quicker than usual. Let’s get your Solution Engineer and Contract liaison engaged now so there are no surprises. Here’s an email already written with the background on the deal. 

  • Now that you know XYZ competitor is also involved, here’s a link to our positioning and differentiators for this vendor. Review this and consider contacting John for additional support as he recently won a big deal against the same competitor. 

  • This deal is outside our sweet spot and based on criteria and engagement patterns we have a less than 5% chance to close. Your manager has been alerted. Please schedule time with her this week to discuss next steps. 

Bottom line, it’s not about adding or eliminating tools. It’s about using the ones that you’ve already invested in effectively to reduce risk and drive predictable sales outcomes. 

Check out how Olono connects and orchestrates the sales stack: