You have your sales forecast. Now what?

You have your sales forecast. Now what?

Ask any sales leader what their forecast is, and where they are relative to that number and they can tell you with precision. But the bigger question is—what do you do once you have that number? 

What if the number is lower than expected? Or is not for the products or services expected? Or lacking predictability?

When you break it down into regions, teams and/or individual deals, do you know what to do to improve or adjust what the forecast (and forecasting tool) are predicting?

Sales forecasts are critical to any business. But even more important is knowing how and why you arrived at that number—and what to do next. 

Is that deal in Commit really going to close? Could that deal considered Best Case be pushed over the line with a few key steps? 

At Olono, we don’t consider your forecast the end all. It’s one of many data points used to guide reps on what step to take next to move those deals forward. Other critical points that should be considered include:

  • When was the last productive engagement? 
  • Is the Champion actually participating or just a name in a field? 
  • Is there a meeting on the calendar in the next 30 days? 
  • How many contacts are there on this Opportunity? (If your rep is single-threaded, that’s an obvious step that was missed.)
  • Has there been recent engagement with the Economic Buyer? 
  • Does the timeline keep pushing? 
  • Have there been too many meetings? (Let’s face it some reps have happy ears and will keep spending time with accounts that are clearly not going to close.)
  • Which competitors are involved? (Are they companies you should even be battling with?)
  • Is your rep actually following your chosen sales process (MEDDICC, Challenger, Sandler, Force, etc.)?

Once you have all these data points in a single place, with a comprehensive engagement timeline you can quickly identify the gaps, and coach reps with next steps. You can also put in a real-time alert system so you don’t get too far into the quarter without knowing where the risks lie. 

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