Spot on: Dreamforce takeaways and what they mean for sales pros

Spot on: Dreamforce takeaways and what they mean for sales pros


We're 10 days post-Dreamforce and seem to have finally recovered—just in time to enjoy a couple of days before entering turkey-induced comas. As anyone who attended Dreamforce knows, it's without a doubt sensory overload. There's a lot to see and to take in. Then when you return, it's equally important to take a moment and digest what really stood out.

We've read a lot of Dreamforce wrap-ups, but few have nailed it like Chris Patton at CSO Insights. In his piece, Post-Dreamforce Report: New Tech for Sales Operations, he very concisely synthesizes the 100,000 messages shared in and around Moscone while also highlighting what it means for sales practitioners. His top takeaways point towards a new age of sales automation, intelligence, and effectiveness and cover:

  1. The Merger of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Sales Guidance
  2. Intuitive Mobile CRM Automation
  3. Sales Resource Planning

Check out the full report by visiting CSO Insights.

"in the midst of all the scheduled meetings, keynote presentations, and expo wanderings, something terrific happened. I found some new tech not just solving productivity problems but leap-frogging them. —Chris Patton, CSO Insights"