Supercharge Your Analytics with Next Best Actions

Supercharge Your Analytics with Next Best Actions

Data drives Insights. Insights drive Decisions. Decisions create Actions. Actions produce Results. Or at least that’s how it should work.

As we move further into the data economy, intelligence and speed is everything. Today the market has robust data analytic engines that generate insights. These insights are presented via dashboards and reports, helping organizations make decisions that advance their business.

But once the decision is made, then what? Funneling the decision to the right person and executing the Action is predominantly a manual process. And as a result, time is lost and balls are dropped. Not to mention room for error or misinterpretation.

What if you had an orchestration framework that takes the insights straight from your analytic tools and delivers recommended Actions to knowledge workers to execute? Imagine,

  • A large number of prospects are clicking on a white paper that isn’t easily accessible on your website. Instead of waiting for Marketing Ops to send the report, these insights instead trigger an Action to the Web team to promote the white paper in a more visible location.  
  • Your CRM system is forecasting a 250% increase in the sale of widgets this quarter. That triggers an alert to the ERP system that checks inventory and executes an Action. All done before a report would realistically be produced.
  • Your Finance team is nudging a customer about outstanding invoices, while they have an outstanding trouble ticket that has been sitting with support. Wouldn’t it be nice if that support had triggered an Action to finance to hold off until the issue was resolved? Yes, that went to the Finance employee that likely didn’t have access to the analytic dashboard.

This is exactly what we’ve done with sales. Aggregate and analyze data from 70+ sales tools to develop insights. Then use those insights to help reps take the Actions that put them on the fastest path to close. We aren’t replacing sales reps. Instead, were helping to guide them to the result they want, using intelligent recommendations based on what has worked in the past.

We’ve focused on supporting the department that generates revenue, but this same approach can and should be applied to every other area of the business. From HR to Marketing, Finance to Sales, Support to Supply Chain. Every knowledge worker in the business can benefit from recommended Actions that are triggered based on real-time data.

If data is the new oil, then it’s time for your “fuel”, aka your data, to take you farther. And you can only do that by triggering Actions.

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"What if you had an orchestration framework took the insights straight from your analytic tools and delivered recommended Actions to knowledge workers to execute?"