4 Tips to Improve Struggling Account Plans

4 Tips to Improve Struggling Account Plans

Let’s face it, you can have the best account plan in the world, but it doesn’t work if your reps aren’t following it. 

Sure you’ve mapped out the relationships. You’ve identified the gaps. And you’ve looked at cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. But the minute your 1:1 ends, the breakdown occurs. 

Think you’re alone? According to CSO insights, 60% of sales leaders say their account planning needs improvement or major redesign.

Why? Because most account plans are: 1) static spreadsheets and trackers that simply can’t adapt as the deal scenario changes so they become out-of-date quickly; and 2) siloed, sitting independent of all the actual deal activity and data, which means they only have a small sliver of the actual account status. 

Olono makes it easy to reinvent Account Planning. The key ingredient? Agility. 

  • Tip 1: Remove the silos. Connect your account plan to your CRM and other deal activity so both reps and managers get a true 360 view into deal status. When you know what’s actually happening, you can make fast, smart decisions. Olono customers have better visibility into deal status, with 10x more data. 
  • Tip 2: Analyze the engagement. Know where red flags exist. Know if champions aren’t acting like champions. When emails aren’t responded to. When a rep only has one contact at an account. When there are multiple people overlapping. When reps are spending too much time on deals unlikely to close. You name it. When you have unprecedented data, you get unprecedented clarity and you have the ability to get ahead of blindspots. Olono customers typically have a cleaner, healthier pipelines and are focused on deals with higher likelihood to close. 
  • Tip 3: Give reps in-the-moment coaching. Layer in your sales playbook so reps get real-time deal coaching. Those key steps you want every rep to take. Or the must-have answers that you find out too late. Guide reps with sales-consumable Actions at exactly the right point of the deal to keep the deal moving forward. If conditions change, the next steps should as well, just like a  GPS reroutes drivers. Olono customers typically see faster deal cycles.  
  • Tip 4: Reinforce what’s working across your organization. Once you know all the activities that have occurred and those that were skipped—aggregate this data across all deals and reps and pattern match. You’ll know which elements of the account plan are effective and where to make adjustments. Then make those shifts in real-time, rather than waiting until the quarter ends to address issues. We believe in agility. If something isn’t working, let’s fix it before you dig deeper into a hole. And better yet, if something is proven to work, let’s reinforce it across all similar deals, so everyone benefits. Olono customers reduce onboarding time, while also improving first-line manager coaching.  

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