Your reps are working the wrong deals. Let us prove it.

Your reps are working the wrong deals. Let us prove it.

What if you knew that 40% of your reps’ activity was being put towards deals with a <5% chance to close? Or that 80% of your late stage deals don’t have a Champion (someone truly engaged at the right level, exuding the behaviors to rightfully earn the title)? 

Scenarios like this are actually fairly common across B2B sales organizations. 

Your reps are putting in the work. They’re just putting it into the wrong deals. And the bigger problem is your first-line managers don't have enough insight into their reps’ sales activity to effectively coach and redirect them.

This Sales Activity visibility problem is costing companies massive dollars each quarter. Tens if not hundreds of millions. 

It can’t be solved with forecasting tools. It can’t be solved with content. And it can’t be solved with your CRM. 

To truly find the blindspots, you need a deep understanding of actual Sales Activity. You need to know which deals reps are working and how they are engaging (frequency, type, response). That data must then be correlated with historical wins and losses to understand the time and resources currently being deployed and how likely this effort will lead to positive outcomes. You can then pattern match, applying these parameters to current pipeline and projections to see where the gaps lie. 

This type of analysis must be data-driven, comprehensive and time-series based. And you shouldn’t need a data scientist to make it happen. 

Sure we’ve all heard the stats that “reps spend only 35% of their time actually selling,” but that is a footnote in the overall story. 

The real issue isn’t the number of emails they are sending vs. time spent researching and preparing contracts—it’s the fact that too many of these emails, phone calls and meetings are being spent with the wrong prospects. 

And every hour spent with a deal that isn’t likely to close, is an hour that could have been spent with ideal accounts. 

The solution lies in Sales Coaching Insights.

Following up on the example above, we recently worked with a customer whose win rate was 7x higher when they had a Champion. We then analyzed their current pipeline, which showed 80% of forecasted deals were missing a Champion and likely at risk. After generating this insight using Olono, we were able to recommend Actions (think of it like a doctor analyzing a patient and prescribing treatment). Some Actions are delivered to reps, but in many cases the best approach is sending the Action to the manager, alerting them of the issue and prompting them to coach their reps. 

Similarly, we partnered with another sales leader who had just closed the quarter and was surprised at the number of deals that pushed. In minutes, Olono identified all forecasted deals that didn’t have a meeting on the calendar for the previous 30 days nor the upcoming 30 days ahead. Despite the rep calling in the deal, it was clear this account wasn’t engaged and shouldn’t have been expected to close. 

At Olono we understand Sales Activity better than anyone. We know:

  • Which accounts are at risk due to low engagement (futile effort)
  • Which accounts have false activity patterns and are not exuding key behaviors, despite high engagement (happy ears)
  • Which accounts your reps aren't spending enough time on (under-invested, missed opportunities)

While many tools focus on driving more activity across more accounts, we believe the better return is higher-quality activity across the right accounts. 

When you redirect Sales Activity into the right accounts, you'll see: 

  • Increased deal capacity
  • Reduction in average time to close
  • Improvement in pipeline quality
  • Improvement in win rates and bookings

Let us prove it to you. Ask us about our Sales Coaching Insights pilot, where we’ll analyze your pipeline health and gut-check your forecast.